Central Asia (CA) possesses a lot of natural resources in terms of oil, gold, uranium, etc. The region is a big supplier of hydrocarbons and rare metals to technologically developed OECD countries. Nowadays, the regional paradigm of attracting more foreign direct investments to CA is being transformed into exchanging natural resources for advanced technologies and innovations. This good idea is difficult to implement, taking into account sensitivity of Central Asia to current challenges of religious extremism and all-pervasive corruption of local authorities. Hence, any socio-economic reforms in Central Asia must be efficiently conducted under existing challenges. 

CAIDS is a research center with aim to contribute to achieving sustainable development goals of Central Asian region by providing policy-relevant research around the paradigm of development. It also intends to provide high-quality professional training and education programs with focus on development studies.

CAIDS aims to produce internationally recognized multi-disciplinary research and expertise concerning different aspects of economic, social and political development of Central Asian countries. Its policy-relevant analytical documents should assist the decision-makers all over the world to grasp essential issues and challenges of the region. The institute will also make available training and education programs of highest standards in the field of development studies.

Mission: CAIDS is devoted to study the development issues and realize the development projects in the region of Central Asia bringing together economic, social, legal and other multi-disciplinary aspects of development process.

Purpose: The Institute’s purpose is to develop a proper knowledge base and applied research in interdisciplinary development fields.